SeGReVUni in English!


Hello everyone!!



We are more than happy to announce that our website now counts with an English version. All the people that take part in SeGReVUni strongly believe in the importance of sharing knowledge beyond national frontiers and linguistic barriers. Our commitment to the collective construction of knowledge and the importance of sharing experiences pushes us to work on the translation of our website to be able to reach a wider audience committed to stopping SGRV in the university context.



Furthermore, our commitment is visible in the creation of an international team of collaborators from different countries and linguistic areas, and it is also visible in the outcomes of our project. Among the expected outcomes, you will find a questionnaire to identify the scale of SGRV in universities in at least 4 languages (Spanish, English, Catalan, Basque).


Through this link, you will be able to access the English version of our website. A website in which you will find :

Basic information about our project   and its phases,

The profiles of our researchers and our international collaborators,

Projects that our researchers have developed previous to the SeGReVUni project.




We will be working on the translation of different sections of our website to be able to offer a wider range of contents for you.


Thank you, and welcome to our project!