In order to adress the ethics in the involvement of human beings we guarantee that:

1. The selection of people to participate in the research activities will be totally voluntary and will follow the principle of non-discrimination followed in the implementation of the whole research methodology.
2. The participation will always require the signing of an informed consent declaration.
3. The principles of anonymity and privacy will be followed in every phase of the research involving participant’s personal data, from data collection to data management.
4. In any case, the self-identification of subjects in terms of the characteristics of what could be used to describe them (adscription of gender, sexual preference, ethnic identity) will always be respected. Subjects’ personal preferences for such identification will never be questioned.

The data that is collected will never be used to create generalizations about specific social groups, subjects or subjectivities. In relation with personal data, we guarantee that personal data management will comply with the “Real Decreto-ley 5/2018, de 27 de julio, de medidas urgentes para la adaptación del Derecho español a la normativa de la Unión Europea en materia de protección de datos”. The involvement of human beings in the research activities of our project will comply with relevant European and national law. The project will reflect on the principles of dignity, freedom and equality of researchers and research participants, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by UNESCO as well as in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. In this regard, participants’ selection will abide by the principles of non-discrimination for cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. Moreover, it will guarantee gender-equality in involving both researcher and research participants. In this sense, we will also strive to implement the highest standards of good practice in family friendly, flexible or simply healthy work practices to enable all staff to have a healthy work-life balance Furthermore, our research will respect the general ethics standard used in research by ensuring free and independent research as well as the moral and physical integrity of the human beings involved. In this respect, the issue of research integrity will be addressed in order to avoid any risk of plagiarism in proposing, reviewing, reporting and publishing research results. To guarantee a high standard of research and compliance with ethical principles, the researchers will follow the RESPECT code of practice and the URV’s best practice code . One of the PI this project has completed Research Ethics Training Curriculum FHI360.