Barbara Biglia  (IP)
Universitat Rovira i Virgli
Associate Professor Serra Hunter at the Department of Pedagogy,URV. Member of the consolidated interuniversity research group GREDI and coordinator of SIMReF,
a group that explores feminist strategies for the production of knowledge for the transformation of academia and society. Among his latest coordinated projects we find USVreact y GAPWork.
Adriana Gil Juárez (IP)
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Lecturer at the URV Department of Psychology. Member of GREDI  and coordinator of JovenTIC, which studies the practices of young people with ICT and their relationship with the construction of their gender identities. Among her latest projects: Technological Trajectories of Gender and Psychosocial Factors in access to Computer Engineering.
Itziar Gandarias Goikoetxea
Universidad de Deusto
Lecturer at the Department of Social and Development Psychology at the University of Deusto. Member of the recognized research group Intervención: Calidad de Vida e Inclusión Social and the group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona FIC: Fractalidades en Investigación Crítica.  Her lines of research are the theory and practice of intersectionality, feminist methodologies, and social exclusion and gender.
Ángel Juan Gordo López
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology: Methodology and Theory (UCM). He directs the journal Teknokultura and is part of the  Grupo de Investigación Cibersomosaguas and Discourse Unit. Much of his research embraces the relationships between social change and technology.
Esther Luna González
Universidad de Barcelona
Lecturer at the Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education at the University of Barcelona. Member of the consolidated interuniversity Research Group GREDI. Coordinator of the Master of Social and Educational Interventions of the UB. She defines herself as a researcher for change and social transformation.
Luz María Martínez Martínez
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Lecturer at the Department of Social Psychology of the UAB. Member of the research groups STS-b (consolidated interuniversity), Des-Subjectant (member of IIEDG) and SIMReF. Her areas of interest in recent years are in the field of critical thinking, qualitative methodologies, care policies, and feminist and gender studies.
Pilar Parra Contreras
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Lecturer arthe Department of Sociology: Methodology and Theory (UCM). Member of the research group Cultura Digital y Movimientos Sociales ( Research lines: gender, new technologies and youth, research methodology
Jordi Tous Pallarés
Universitat Rovira i Virgli
Reader at the Department of Psychology of the URV. Member of the consolidated interuniversity research group GREDI and director of the Lab-grups, a group that develops instruments for the evaluation of the psychosocial safety climate and its transfer to educational, health and service organizations. He was also the vice-rector responsible for occupational risk prevention at the URV.
Carla Barrio Romera
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Predoctoral Fellow (FPU)  at the Department of Sociology: Methodology and  Theory (UCM). She is the secretary of the journal Teknokultura and she is member of the Grupo de Investigación Cibersomosaguas. Her specialization is centered in the field of methodology (digital methods), cultural studies with a gender perspective and Social Network Analysis
Jordi Bonet i Martí
Universitat de Barcelona
Lecturer in the Sociology Department of the University of Barcelona. Psychology PhD.  Jordi collaborates with SIMReF. HE is a specialist in research methods and techniques, public policies and political culture. He is the author of the website aimed at helping students in carrying out their Trabajos de Fin de Grado in Social Sciences.
Sara Cagliero          Universitat Rovira i Virgli 
SECTI Research Staff of the URV Department of Pedagogy. Doctor in Humanities with a specialization in gender studies (URV). She is a member of the consolidated interuniversity research group GREDI and SIMReF. Her lines of research focus on sexual and gender violence from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective. In recent years he has collaborated on competitive projects such as USVReact and Gap Work.
Marta Luxán Serrano
Lecturer at the Department of Sociology 2 of the UPV / EHU. Member of the consolidated research groups AFIT and SIMReF. Her lines of research are: feminist and research methodology, practical and theoretical reflection on the inclusion of the gender perspective in quantitative techniques, social movements and demographic issues.
Maria José Rubio Martín
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology: Methodology and Theory of the UCM. She is member of the research group Digital Culture and Social Movements: Cibersomosaguas. HEr research lines: social exclusion, homelessness, victims of sexual assault and social policies.
Apen Ruíz Martínez
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Senior Lecturer of anthropology and qualitative methodologies at International Education for Students and at the  Master de Cooperación Internacional y Arquitectura de la UIC, where she investigates the interactions between gender, sexuality, development and socio-spatial processes. As a member of SIMREF, she is interested in rethinking fieldwork from a feminist perspective.
Nùria Vergés Bosch
Universitat de Barcelona
Lecturer at the Department of Sociology of the UB. Member of the COPOLIS group, Donestech, SIMREF, ALIA and  ca la dona. She works around gender and technologies, public policies on families, as well as feminist methodologies.


Aloe Cubero Pajares
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Predoctoral Fellow in Humanities with a specialization in Gender Studies from the URV. She has worked mainly in the third sector institutions within projectat that work with migrant women and has carried out several investigations on social movements and violence against women and youth in the Salvadoran context. Her research interests are framed within feminist and participatory methodologies, decolonial feminisms and migrations.
Alicia Valdés
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Associate Professor at the Department of Pedagogy of the URV. Alicia has a PhD in Humanities from UC3M and works as our research technician, in addition, she develops technical work on protocols against sexual violence at the Noctámbulas Observatory. Research lines: discourse analysis, sexual violence, feminist theory and psychoanalysis