International Collaborators

Pam Aldred 
Brunel University (UK)

Reader in Education and  Youth studies in London’s Brunel University. Her Research is about sexuality and sex education. As well as that, she is a PI in two international projects related to gender violence:  GAPWork and USVReact , wich is about sexual violence and its main objective is to capacitate the university community
Rose Capdevila
Open Universit


Senior Lecturer in psychology at the Open University. Her investigations and publications are focused on the construction of political identities, gender identities and the applications and implications of methodologies. Rose is a co-editor of   Feminism & Psychology
Pietro Demurtas
Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies (Italia)

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IRPPS-CNR Researcher  in the gender relationships from work and family area. Pietro is a doctor in Social Sciences methodology. Since 2017 Pietro investigates in the field of anti-violence, focusing in the support services for victims and treatment programs for the aggressors.
Sabrina Marchetti
Universitá Ca’ Foscari (Italia)

Associate Professor in sociology. Specialized in the gender, racism, work and migration fields with a specific focus in the migrant domestic work. She is the PI of the ERC “DomEqual” project, which is about the rights of the remunerated domestic workers in nine countries.
Maura Misiti                    Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies   (Italia)

Institute for research on population and social policies (IRPPS ...


Research Director in IRPPS – CNR, Maura has directed a great number of projects about gender at a national scope in Italy and cooperated with institutional agencies and ONG’s. Now, she is the scientific coordinator of ViVa, the Italian project of the Ministers council
Caterina Peroni            Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies (Italia)

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Caterina is a professor in the critical criminology master of Padua’s University and a Research Fellow in the IRPPS-CNR project ViVa. She is also a doctor in Sociology of the law and her focused interests are gender violence, LGTBIQ discrimination, feminist movements and treatment programs for aggressors.
Vanita Sundaram
University of York (UK)

Professor in Education, University of York. Her investigations include gender and education, specifically, gender violence and teenagers, an approach to every day’s sexism, harassment and abuse in education throughout life, and culture and sexual violence in higher education. Academic member of  NUS Strategy Team on Lad Culture and the advisory board of The 1752 Group. Co-president of GEA.
Ana Cristina Aguirre
Universidad de las Américas- Puebla (México)
Alejandra Araiza Díaz
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (México)
Professor-Researcher in the academic scope of communication sciences in the UAEH (México) and member of the National System of researchers (Level I). She collaborates with SIMEReF and participates in projects about gender violence.
Tania Rocha
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México  (México)


Doctor in Social Psychology. Professor and researcher in the faculty of psychology. National researcher (Level 2). Coordinator of the investigation’s group that does research about gender and sexuality studies (Faculty of Psychology- UNAM). Her investigation lines are focused in gender and health, Autonomy in women, masculinities, and sexual diversity, education and families. She is also a director of the investigation “Familiasxigual”.
Lucelia Tavares
Universidade Estadual de Mato Grosso do Sul (Brasil)