Online roundtable focusing on addressing gender-based violence and sexual harassment in academia and research organisations.
13 October from 10:30-12:30 (Brussels time)



Barbara Biglia will be participating in this roundtable organised by UniSAFE is organising with the Gender Equality Academy

The roundtable will provide a space for mutual learning and exchange, where all participants can learn from other’s experiences on how to address gender-based violence. After briefing participants on all the different forms of GBV in academia, the speakers will talk about different strategies to eradicate the issue, including integrating gender-based violence in the design and implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEP).
Marcela Linkova, head of the Centre for Gender and Science at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, UniSAFE partner.
Liisa Husu, senior professor in gender studies, Örebo University, UniSAFE partner
Ruth Lewis, associate professor in sociology, Northumbria University
Barbara Biglia, associate professor, Rovira Virgili University
The event will be moderated by Sofia Strid, associate professor in gender studies in Örebo University, and scientific coordinator of the UniSAFE project.
Learning objectives

Mutual learning and exchange: getting inspiration from others about how to address gender-based violence (GBV)

Knowledge exchange: brief about the expressions and forms of GBV in academia

Strategies: facilitate approaches aimed at combating/reducing GBV in academia

Tools: address ways to include GBV in a gender+ equality agenda: challenges and pitfalls

Tools: exchange on how to address GBV in GEP design and implementation.

Familiarise with theoretical and practical implications connected to the application of different conceptualisations of GBV to promote institutional change in academic/research institutions

Target audience

People involved/interested in gender equality and gender-based violence (GBV) in academia and research organisations

Managers in academia and research organisations

HR officers in academia and research organisations

GE(P) (Gender Equality/Gender Equality Plan) team members in academia and research organisations

GE Officers/Gender focal points in academia and research organisations

GE activists/promoters in academia and research organisations